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      Toshiba Social Responsibility
      Toshiba Group Environmental Action 2014
      Find out more about Toshiba Recycling
      Find out more about Toshiba's educational initiatives

      Philosophy & Commitment

      In an effort to maintain fair and equitable business practices and earn the trust of all the communities in which we do business, the Toshiba Group strives to be a good corporate citizen, placing high priority...

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      Social & Community Activities

      In order to help enhance the quality of life for people in the communities where we do business, Toshiba America Group Companies (Toshiba America) are implementing a wide variety of responsible corporate initiatives.

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      Toshiba believes that companies are part of the fabric of society and can only survive and prosper in the long run if they work for, and earn the trust of, society. We recognize that short-term progress...

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